The New Dish Project


Having arrived in New Mexico, camera in hand, on the train like a refugee from America’s frozen north coast of New York, I have an interesting problem: I have no dishes. I have no plates. No flatware. No pans. No cups. No glasses. No nothing. Zero. The shelves that hold a collection built over years are 2000 miles away.

It is a unique position to be in as an adult, but moreover, as a food photographer. To begin to build a new collection of dishes that compliment food and add something to the ascetics of a food photograph is the challenge.   So here is the plan-

For the next 30 days, acquire a new piece everyday, shoot some food on it (preferably in my beautiful new outdoor shooting space – Old Town Albuquerque) and see what kind of collection I have by the end of the month. That said, on the 30th day I’m probably just going to steal a dish from Lindsay Stienberg’s wedding.

But before I begin tomorrow, let me offer as a prelude today this photo of the item that is always at hand in my camera bag and has saved many an impromptu picnic.

Be Prepared.

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