The #brandish Project | Christopher Tenerowicz | Musician


“Calvin the dog, for the last four months, has been omnipresent whenever I’m playing guitar. It’s just nice to have a sentient nonhuman to bounce ideas off of. He’s definitely been there for the conception of a few really special things. Calvin doesn’t judge but he does look sad the whole time. Maybe that’s why all these songs sound plaintive.” —Christopher Tenerowicz | Musician

The #brandish Project | Leslie Martin | Sculptor


This week’s #brandish portrait is of Leslie Anne Martin in the midst of her Weathering Oklahoma Project for Pyragraph.

“Weather can have a beautiful impact on metal, which is my primary medium. Being from Oklahoma, I realized how big a role the weather plays in its culture, and I want to explore how different kinds of metal react in different ways to extreme weather, just like different people react in different ways to it.” —Leslie Martin | Sculptor