Michele RIP

Copyright © 2004 by Clarke Condé, all rights reserved

My friend Michele died of cancer this week.    As my client, she was the first to encourage me to introduce elements of the baroque into subjects as traditionally mundane as construction work.   As my realtor, she convinced me to buy and sell my first two houses. And as my friend, she helped me put together art shows in vacant houses all around Albuquerque.

She tried harder than most.  She will be missed.

Spring Cleaning

Copyright © 2012 by Clarke Condé, all rights reserved

ROCHESTER, NY- The trash truck at dawn, with it’s curb clearing claw, makes for a fine start to a new photo blog. The blog that follows last year’s 365 project,  Work in Rochester, can still be found Here .  Stay tuned- I will be announcing the publication of the book, as well as a major exhibition, in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, it’s time to kick in some doors and take out the trash!