Bacon Week 2015 Has Begun! Here are the facts.


Q. What is Bacon Week?
A. It is a time for tons of photos of bacon! New photographs, as well as classics abound.   It starts Monday, July 13th 2015 and goes all week long.

Q. How can I get the most out of Bacon Week?
A. You can follow along with Bacon Week on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the Blog, or contact Condé Photography directly to photograph your bacon (or non-bacon) dishes for your own social media or advertising.

Q. Is this Bacon Week a real thing?
A. While congress has failed act to declare bacon week, the need is real. Remember, seven days without bacon makes one week.



ITEM THIRTY: The Column. The final dish of this New Dish Project is a fitting conclusion to this project and a great tool when you want to elevate some food in a dramatic way. This project has been a chance to explore and shoot in the diverse environment of Old Town Albuquerque, New Mexico, with its unending textures and beautiful, natural light. It has been a chance to spend some time collecting and shooting new dishes, but moreover, thinking and writing about the tools of food photography. And it has been a chance to meet my new neighbors and show the kind of work that can be produced out of this new studio. It has also established a baseline for a new normal. A month into being here, Old Town regulars now hardly give a second look when I walk by with a camera, a miniature column and a fist full of dried herring.