Lake Affect

I am really honored to be a part of the twentieth anniversary edition of Lake Affect Magazine  that came out this month.  Since I shot my first portrait for the magazine in 2006, the list of Rochester publications that see photography as anything other than a sycophantic vehicle for advertisers has gotten shockingly short, but never Lake Affect. The editor and creator Michele has never flinched whether I’ve said I want to shot a jazz guitarist out to the middle of the frozen Irondequoit bay, or a dancer in an angry flock of seagulls, or an architect in the middle of a busy street with her two small children or a ninety-year-old woman in a tiny silver elevator.

It takes risk to try to create great work, but it takes publications to recognize the need for such work to facilitate their creation. 20 years producing an independent magazine of any caliber is a feat, but one of Lake Affect’s consistent quality and dedication to local artists is a true achievement. Here’s to 20 more years!

Chicken Wrapped in Bacon

chicken wrapped in bacon

Chicken wrapped in bacon and served on a sword with that special someone?

Now, that’s what I call dinner during Bacon Week.

Non-stop photos of bacon all week long.