It is Autumn, After All

Cream of Broccoli Soup

With the snow melted and the temperature 70, I snuck outside for today’s soup shoot.

Autumn Soups

squash and maple soup

It is beginning to feel like autumn here in Rochester.  The upside is the leaves on the vines covering my back fence make a great backdrop for this squash and maple soup.

A Well Deserved Beeting

A Beeting : Cocktail

As a food photographer, not a barkeep I rarely make a drink recipe, but this is an exception worth sharing.

Challenged to create a potent cocktail that blends American roots with the elegance of Ancien Régime France, I have come up with something many deserve:  A Beeting

– One part chilled vodka

– One part chilled tonic

– A healthy splash of Small Word Food’s Ginger Beet Kvass

– Garnish with a slice of chioggia beet

– Serve in coupe glass